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Blaze Powder
Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Type of Block Item
Obtaining Crafting on Workbench
Luminosity Yes
Transparency No
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No


Blaze Powder is an item that used as one of the main ingredient - fuel in the process of brewing potions. 


Blaze Powder can be obtained by crafting on the Workbench .

As a Crafting Recipe

1 Blaze Rod  → 2 Blaze Powder

Blaze powder cr.png


Blaze Powder can be used to craft Magma Cream

Also as a fuel in the process of brewing potions.

1 Blaze Powder can brew about 20 operations.

As a Crafting ingredient

1 Blaze Powder + 1 Slimeball  → 1 Magma Cream

Crafting magma cream.png


Ingredients Potions

0067_blaze_powder.pngBlaze Powder+  

0003_water.pngAwkward Potion +

0067_blaze_powder.png Blaze Powder

0007_strength.png Potion of Strength

Updates History

Version Updates History

- Added Crafting Recipes to craft Blaze Powde using Blaze Rod and other ingredients

- Added Brewing Recipes using Blaze Powder as an ingredient to brew Mundane Potion and Potion of Strength