Planet of Cubes Wiki

Blocks and Items are the basic units of structure in Planet of Cubes, and are very important to the gameplay. Together, they build up the in-game environment, and can be mined and utilized in various fashions in both Creative and Survival Modes.

Only in Survival Mode some blocks can be obtained naturally, and some blocks and items can be obtained by crafting in the Inventory/Workbench or by smelting in the Furnace .

All blocks marked with red will be added to Survival Multiplayer Mode in future updates!



0078 0156 coal ore.png Coal Ore

0092 0142 iron ore.png Iron Ore

0088 0146 gold ore.png Gold Ore

0082 0152 diamond ore.png Diamond Ore

0094 0140 lapiz lazuli ore.png Lapis Ore

0106 0128 redstone ore.png Redstone Ore

0085 0149 emerald ore.png Emerald Ore

Raw Materials

0232 0039 iron ingot.png Iron Ingot

0212 0049 gold ingot.png Gold Ingot

0188 0061 diamond ingot.png Diamond

0242 0034 lapis lazuli.png Lapis Lazuli

0047_gold_nugget.png Gold Nugget

Flinticon.png Flint

0170_0070_coal.png Coal

Glowstone_Dust.png Glowstone Dust

Redstone_Dust.png Redstone Dust

0168 0071 clay item.png Clay

0060_brick_item.png Brick

BlazeRod.png Blaze Rod

0066_bone.png Bone

Rabbit_hide.png Rabbit Hide

0246 0032 leather.png Leather

0289 0008 string.png String

0199_0055_feather.png Feather

Slimeball.png Slimeball

Gunpowder.png Gunpowder

Mineral Blocks

0091 0143 iron block.png Block of Iron

0087 0147 gold block.png Block of Gold

0081 0153 diamond block.png Block of Diamond

0093 0141 lapiz lazuli block.png Lapis Block

Emerald Block


0116 0118 water.png Water

0095 0139 lava.png Lava

0293_0006_water_bucket.png Water Bucket

0244_0033_lava_bucket.png Lava Bucket

0111 0123 snow.png Snow Block

Sc_0020_snow.png Snow

0090 0144 ice.png Ice

0011_snowball.png Snowball


0083 0151 dirt.png Dirt

0141 0093 grass.png Dirt with Grass

Sc_0080_jungle-wood.png Wood

0089 0145 gravel.png Gravel

0114 0120 stone.png Stone

0096 0138 moss stone.png Mossy Stone

0107 0127 sand.png Sand

0077 0157 clay.png Clay Block

Sc_0012_soul-sand.png Soul Sand

0101 0133 obsidian.png Obsidian


Sc_0079_leaves.png Leaves

0014_sapling_oak.png Saplings

0202 0054 brown mushroom.png Mushrooms

0229 0040 Poppy.png Flowers

0294_0006_sugarcane.png Sugar Canes

Sc_0065_grass.png Grass

0206_0052_deadbush.png Dead Bush

Waterlily.png Lily Pad

0296_0005_vines.png Vines

Nether_wart.png Nether Wart

0200 0055 cactus.png Cactus

Sc_0014_pumpkin.png Pumpkin

Sc_0005_melon.png Melon Block

0206 0052 deadbush.png Dead Bush



Sc_0094_wooden-planks.png Planks

Sc_0039_wooden-planks-slab.png Slabs

0268 0019 wood stairs.png Stairs

0282 0012 fence.png Fences

0049 fence wood gate.png Fence Gates

0290 0008 ladder.png Ladder

0157_0077_hardened_clay.png Hardened Clay

Sc_0024_farm-land.png Farmland

Coarse_dirt.png Coarse Dirt

Sc_0004_mycelium-block.png Grass Path

0189 0060 glass.png Glass

Glass pane.png Glass Pane

Sc_0070_sandstone.png Sandstone

0121 0113 wool 0.png Wool

0079 0155 cobble.png Cobblestone

0055_cobblestone_wall.png Cobblestone Walls

0115_0119_stone_brick.png Stone Bricks

0075_0159_briok.png Bricks

0099_0135_nether_brick.png Nether Brick

0073 0161 bedrock.png Bedrock

Sc_0013_nether-rack.png Nether Rack


0154 0080 workbench.png Workbench

Sc_0023_furnace.png Furnace

0149 0085 chest.png Chest

Sc_0001_wooden-door.png Wooden Doors

Sc_0000_iron-door.png Iron Door

Sc_0071_dispenser.png Dispenser

Cauldron.png Cauldron

0113 0121 sponge.png Sponge

0292 0007 iron bars.png Iron Bars

0277 0014 trapdoor.png Trapdoor

Sc_0015_jukebox.png Jukebox


Sc_0032_bookshelf.png Bookshelf

0153 0081 tnt.png TNT

0139 0095 hay bale.png Bale

Pivate chest.png Private Chest


0155 0079 pumpkin jack.png Jack'O'Lantern

0213 0048 torch.png Torch

0086 0148 glowstone.png Glowstone
Unknown/Misc Blocks

Unknown block



0278_0014_stick.png Stick

0297 0004 wood axe.png Axes

0303 0001 wood shovel.png Shovels

0301 0002 wood pickaxe.png Pickaxes

0299 0003 wood hoe.png Hoes

0273 0017 shears.png Shears

Flint_and_steel_150.png Flint and Steel

0059 bucket.png Empty Bucket

0063 bowl.png Bowl


0305 0000 wood sword.png Swords

0064_bow_icon.png Bow 0069_arrow_icon.png Arrow


0061_brewing_stand.png Brewing Stand

0065_bottle_empty.png Glass Bottle

0008_splash_potion_empty.png Splash Glass Bottle

0003_water.png Water Bottle

Rabbit_Foot.png Rabbit Foot

Magma_Cream.png Magma Cream

Pufferfish.png Pufferfish

0041_melon_glistering_item.png Glistering Melon

0009_spider_eye_fermented.png Fermented Spider Eye

Ghast_Tear.png Ghast Tear

0067_blaze_powder.png Blaze Powder

0003_water.png Awkward Potion

0003_water.png Mundane Potion

0003_water.png Mundane(extended)

0003_water.png Thick Potion

Potions and Splash Potions

Potion of weakness 25px.gif Weakness

Potion of poison 25px.gif Poison

Potion of slowness 25px.gif Slowness

Potion of harming 25px.gif Harming

Potion of water breathing 25px.gif Water Breathing

Potion of strength 25px.gif Strength

Potion of regeneration 25px.gif Regeneration

Potion of night vision 25px.gif Night Vision

Potion of swiftness 25px.gif Swiftness

Potion of leaping 25px.gif Leaping

Potion of invisibility 25px.gif Invisibility

Potion of healing 25px.gif Healing

Potion of fire resistance 25px.gif Fire Resistance


0252 0029 leather helmet.png Helmets

0250 0030 leather chest plate.png Chestplates

0254 0028 leather leggins.png Leggings

0248 0031 leather boots.png Boots


0058 carrot.png Carrot

0057_carrot_golden.png Golden Carrot

0026 potato.png Potato

0025_potato_baket.png Baked Potato

Poisonous_potato.png Poisonous Potato

Beetroot.png Beetroot

0040_melon_item.png Melon

0071_apple.png Apple

0070_apple_gold.png Golden Apple

0070_apple_gold.png Enchanted Apple

0039_melon_seed.png Melon Seeds

0022_pumpkin_seed.png Pumpkin Seeds

0022 pumpkin seed.png Seeds

Beetroot_seed.png Beetroot Seeds

0295_0005_wheat.png Wheat

0062 bread.png Bread

0028 mushroom stew.png Mushroom Stew

Beetroot_soup_1.png Beetroot Soup

0021_rabbit_stew.png Rabbit Stew Sugar

0198_0056_egg.png Egg

0023 pumpkin pie.png Pumpkin Pie

Cake.png Cake

Pufferfish.png Pufferfish

Fish.png Raw Fish

Fish_Cooked.png Cooked Fish

Fish.png Clownfish

Salmon.png Raw Salmon

Salmon Cooked.png Cooked Salmon

0267_0020_raw_porkchop.png Raw Porkchop

0174_0068_cooked_porkchop.png Cooked Porkchop

0265_0021_raw_chicken.png Raw Chicken

0172_0069_cooked_chicken.png Cooked Chicken

0020_Raw_Mutton.png Raw Mutton

Cooked_Mutton.png Cooked Mutton

0019_raw_rabbit.png Raw Rabbit

0053_cooked_rabbit.png Cooked Rabbit

0263_0022_raw_beef.png Raw Beef

0275_0015_steak.png Steak

0257_0026_milk_bucket.png Milk Bucket

0010_spider_eye.png Spider Eye

0269_0019_rotten_flesh.pngRotten Flesh