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Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Type of Items Food
Restores Food_3.pngFood_3_half.png Hunger Point
Cookable No
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes


Carrot is a type of food, dropped by Zombies and Spiders with probability in 2.5%. Each Carrot restores 3 points of Hunger Bar.


Carrot can be eaten. And used as a crafting ingredient to craft Golden Carrot .

Carrot can be used in farming to grow more carrots.

You can breed and feed pigs and rabbits with carrots. Hold carrot in hands and pigs and rabbits will follow you.

As a Crafting Ingredient

1 Carrot + 9 Golden NuggetsGolden Carrot

Golden carrot cr.png


Carrot farming takes 8 stages to grow. But only 4 stages are visible for the player. Every two stages have the same texture, except that growth stage 7 keeps the same appearance as stages 5-6, so that only stage 8 has the final, 'mature' appearance.

Fully grown carrot crops drop 1 to 3 carrots.

Stage 0-1 Stage 2-3 Stage 4-7 Stage 8
Carrot_0.png Carrot_1.png Carrot_2.png Carrot_3.jpg


Pigs and rabbits will follow you when you hold carrot in hands. Pigs and rabbits can be fed and bred with carrot, when you click on them with carrot.

Rabbit breeding.png



How to Get and Grow Carrot and Potato FARMING 5

Updates History

Version Updates History

- Now you can breed and feed pigs and rabbits with carrot

- Added crafting recipe to craft golden carrot from carrot and golden nuggets


- Added Carrot, that can be obtained by killing Zombies and Spiders with probability of 2,5%

- You can farm carrots