Chunks Rentals is a new game functionality, that allows players to lock their creation on the Planet from modifying by others and from disappearing from the Planet for the term of rent.

A single chunk consists of the 16 x 16 square blocks and 256 blocks in height. 

The minimum period to chunks rentals is 1 Day, the maximum is 30 Days! Extend the rent term of your rented chunks to 30 Days at any time! Don't forget to renew the rent of your chunks in time! As other players can rent and take the ownership of your expired from the rent chunks! You can see all your Rented Chunks on My Chunks List! You can give the names to your rented chunks and teleport between your chunks without any limitation by frequency!

My chunks

My Chunks List

You can dig and break blocks 3 times faster in Your Rented Chunks than in the Common World!

The game has two modes: Show My Chunk and Hide My Chunk that located on the Menu button of TTL indicator ! In the Show My Chunk Mode - all world is marked with black and white colors, but your Rented Chunks are stayed with color. In the Hide Mode - the whole world is in color. 

Show my chunks

Show My Chunks Mode

Hide my chunks

Hide My Chunks Mode

Game HUD and TTL indicator:


White Color of The HUD

White Color of the HUD means that all these chunks are FREE! The TTL indicator shows the lifetime of all changes on the Planet! You or other players CAN RENT these chunks! 


Green Color of The HUD: this is your rented chunks

Green Color of the HUD means that you are located on your rented chunks! The TTL indicator shows the time till the end of the rent! You can BUILD and DIG here! 

Rented chunks

Red Color of The HUD: these chunks are rented by other player


Red Color of The HUD: This is Spawn Zone!

Red color of the HUD means that you CAN’T BUILD on this area! This is Spawn Zone and the TTL indicator shows the time 0h:0m! Or this place has been already rented by other players and the TTL indicator shows the time till the end of the rent!

How to Rent Chunks

You can rent chunks only on the FREE territory, where the game HUD is white.  1. Click on the Menu button of TTL indicator ---> click on Rent Chunks button.

Rent chunks 1

2. Select the territory on the Planet to rent!

Rent chunks 2

3. Select amount of days for rent: from 1 to 30 days!

Rent chunks 3

4. Done!

Rent chunks 4