Clay Block
0077 0157 clay
Game Modes Survival and Creative
Type of Block Natural Block
Tool Used

0303 0001 wood shovel Wooden Shovel (0.40s)

0285 0010 stone shovel Stone Shovel (0.20s)

0237 0036 iron shovel Iron Shovel  (0.15s)

0217 0046 gold shovel Gold Shovel (0.10s)

0194 0058 diamond shovel Diamond Shovel (0.10s)

Luminosity No
Transparency No
Renewable No
Stackable Yes
Flammable No
Drops 0168 0071 clay itemClay


Clay Block is a natural block that can be found below water. Clay block is very rare in the survival mode.

You can use Clay Block in the Furnace to obtain Hardened Clay .

Clay obtaining

As a Crafting Recipe

You can get Clay Block with any tool, but Shovel is the fastest!

When you mine Clay Block , it drops 4 Clay balls that you can use to craft 1 Clay Block.

4 Clay  → 1 Clay Block

Clay block


1 Clay Block & Fuel → 1 Hardened Clay

Clay 2

Updates History

Version Updates History

- Now you can smelt Clay Block in the Furnace to obtain Hardened Clay.


- Now you can mine Clay Block to obtain Clay balls, then you can use Clay balls to craft Clay Block in the Workbench.