0170 0070 coal
Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Type of Block

Raw Materials


Coal Ore , Crafting

Tool Used

0301 0002 wood pickaxe Wooden Pickaxe (2.25s)

0283 0011 stone pickaxe Stone Pickaxe (1.15s)

0236 0037 iron pickaxe Iron Pickaxe (0.75s)

0215 0047 gold pickaxe Gold Pickaxe (0.4s)

0192 0059 diamond pickaxe Diamond Pickaxe (0.60s)

Luminosity No
Transparency No
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes
Flammable Yes


Coal is a type of raw material that contains in Coal Ore. Coal Ore can be found in caves or other Stone clusters.


Coal can be obtained in two ways. The first is mining Coal Ore using a pickaxe . Each destroyed Ore will drops 1 Coal. Ore destroyed without pickaxe will drop nothing. The second way is smelting any Wood in a Furnace .

Mining coal

Mining Coal Ore

Smelting coal

Smelting Wood


Coal can be used as most efficient Fuel and as crafting ingredient for Torches .

As a Crafting Ingredient

Ingredients Result
0170 0070 coal Coal + 10278 0014 stick Stick 10213 0048 torch Torch

Updates History

Version Updates History

- Added Coal that you can use now as a fuel in the Furnace or to craft Torches.