Planet of Cubes Wiki
Creative Multiplayer Mode


Creative Multiplayer Mode gives an ability to build whatever you want without surviving difficulties. An inventory in Creative Multiplayer Mode gives an access to most game resources in the infinite amount. Flying Mode is available as an option to make bulding easier. Mining speed is increased and blocks doesn’t require specific tools to mine it. There is no agressive mobs and damage from hits and falling. Users playing on global map with Chunk Rental system that allows to control rented territory and builded structures.

How to start playing Creative Multiplayer Mode

To start playing Creative Mode proceed:

Main Menu → Play → Creative

Gameplay Overview

Gameplay involves players online interacting with the game world by placing and removing various types of blocks in the one infinite Planet. In this Planet, players can explore and discover beautiful creative structures, creations, cities etc. and build alone or together with other players online whatever they want!

To protect the Planet, each change, that the player makes has its lifetime shown on Ttlindicator.png TTL indicator (Time To Live or TTL). When the player puts or removes block this change is rolled back after some period of time, which is shown on the TTL indicator. For example, TTL = [0h : 0m] means you can’t change the Planet here. TTL = [8h : 30m] means all changes will be rolled back in 8 hours and 30 minutes unless you rent this place for up to 30 days period. 

The farther the player from the Spawn Zone the longer all changes will last.

To save all changes on the Planet for longer time then its shown on TTL indicator and to protect your creations from other players use Chunk Rentals functionality. Only the owner of the rented chunks can build or remove blocks on the rented chunks! But once the rental is expired someone else can rent it and lock the owner out from modifying. 

A single chunk consists of the 16 x 16 square blocks and 256 blocks in height. You can turn “SHOW MY CHUNKS” mode and easily spot all of your chunks – in this mode the Planet of Cubes is displayed in grey but your own chunks are displayed in color. 

You cannot build or dig inside the Spawn Zone and on the chunks belonging to other users. All cubes inside the Spawn Zone have TTL value of 0. Thus to build something make sure to leave Spawn Zone where TTL indicator is greater than 0.

The game has Compass.png Compass and Coordinates.png Coordinates display to make navigation through the endless infinite world easier.

The player can chat with all players who are visible within his current “View Distance” range.

Controls Overwiev


Here is a description of interface elements that's unique for Creative Multiplayer Mode.

Creative mode gui.png

1 JOYSTICK Allows to move to right, left, forward, backward.
2 JUMP Allows to jump.
3 FLYING MODE Ebale/disable Flying Mode.
4 FLY UP Increases flying height.

Decreases flying height.


Shows all blocks that you can use in building.

7 CHAT  Click on the Chat button and write messages to everybody.
8 CHAT ON/OFF Allows to hide and show chat, and clear chat.
8.1 SHOW/HIDE CHAT Allows to show or hide chat.
8.2 CLEAR CHAT Allows to clear chat.

Opens a list of nearby players with the ability to teleport to them.

10 COMPASS Shows the direction on the Planet to North, South, East, West.
11 COORDINATES Show  coordinates of a current location of the player in the Planet. Click on the Coordinates to open the Map of the Planet and teleport to any other place on the Planet using Pin.
12 TTL INDICATOR Shows amount of time till all changes of the Planet at the current place will be rolled back to the initial state. Shows Rent Chunks menu and Hide/Show Chunks options when you click on it.
12.1 RENT CHUNKS Allow players to rent chunks.
12.2 MY CHUNKS Shows the list of your rented chunks.
12.3 AUTOHIDE MY CHUNKS Allows to add options to show and hide your chunks.
13 GAME MENU Opens game menu with such buttons: My Chunks, Rent Chunks, Map, Players List, Options, Main Menu, Back to Game.
14 SHOP Shows all in-app purchases.
15 SCREENSHOT Allows to make screenshot and share it to facebook.
16 VIDEO Allows to record videos using Everyplay services. This feature is only available for iOS users.

Tips for beginners

- Rent Chunks from 1 to 30 Days! Save Your Creations!

- Renew the rent in time!

- Collect daily free bonuses! Use these free coins to unlock skins, rent chunks etc.