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Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Health Points 20 (2hp.png2hp.png2hp.png2hp.png2hp.png2hp.png2hp.png2hp.png2hp.png2hp.png)
Attack Strength 1File:1hp.png - 22hp.png
Drops None


Endermans are a dark colored neutral mobs that have ability to teleport. Players can meet with Enderman further than 4 chunks from the Spawn Zones with low probability.

Enderman screen.png

Enderman Behavior

Usually Enderman is a neutral mob that like to walk around the planet, take random blocks into it’s hand and put them in random place. But, if the player attacks Enderman, or looks at it for too long, Enderman will start to chase player or teleport behind their back and attack them. Enderman will decorate the area and landscape and sometimes leave flowers outside the player’s house.

If the player wears Pumpkin Enderman will not react to the player and stop chasing them.

Updates History

Version Updates History
v4.0 - Added Enderman