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0150 0084 furnace.png

Game Modes Survival and Creative
Type of Block Utility Block
Tool Used

0301 0002 wood pickaxe.png Wooden Pickaxe (2.65s)

0283 0011 stone pickaxe.png Stone Pickaxe (1.35s)

0236 0037 iron pickaxe.png Iron Pickaxe (0.9s)

0215 0047 gold pickaxe.png Gold Pickaxe (0.7s)

0192 0059 diamond pickaxe.png Diamond Pickaxe (0.45s)

Luminosity Yes (when active)
Transparency No
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes
Flammable No
Drops Itself


Furnace is an utility block that smelting and converting some types of blocks.



Furnace can be obtained only by crafting.

Furnace destroyed with a Pickaxe drops itself. Destroyed with another tool it drops nothing.

Items from destroyed Furnace will fall out.


Furnace used for smelting blocks and cooking. After being placed on the ground Furnace can be activated by pressing on it.

Furnace has its own menu that allows player to smelt materials to convert it such as Sand to Glass.

Other Furnace function is cooking raw food to increase the number of hunger points it restores.

Smelting menu consists of three slots: top is for material for smelting, bottom is for Fuel and left slot for outcome product.

After placing all the needed materials arrow indicator starts smelting process.

Smelting stops when Furnace runs out of Fuel.

Furnace smelting menu

As a Crafting Recipe

8 Cobblestone → 1 Furnace

Crafting Furnace

Updates History

Version Updates History

- Added Furnace