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Glowstone Dust
Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Type of Block Raw Materials
Obtaining Zombies , Spiders, Slime, Skeleton, Creeper
Luminosity Yes
Transparency No
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No


Glowstone Dust is a very rare raw material, that can be obtained when you killed ZombiesSpiders, Skeleton, SlimeCreeper with probability of 5%.

Glowstone Dust can be used to craft Glowstone and as a brewing ingredient to brew some potions. 

As a Crafting Ingredient

4 Glowstone Dust → 1 Glowstone



Ingredients Potions
Glowstone_Dust.pngGlowstone Dust +                 0003_water.pngWater Bottle +                       0067_blaze_powder.png Blaze Powder 0003_water.pngThick Potion

Glowstone_Dust.png Glowstone Dust +                0045_healing.pngPotion of Healing or              0017_regeneration.pngPotion of Regeneration or    0007_strength.pngPotion of Strength or            0005_swiftness.pngPotion of Swiftness or           0046_harming.pngPotion of Harming or            0024_potion_of_poison.pngPotion of Poison or               0043_leaping.pngPotion of Leaping +                  0067_blaze_powder.png Blaze Powder

0045_healing.pngPotion of Healing II or               0017_regeneration.pngPotion of Regeneration II or       0007_strength.pngPotion of Strength II or         0005_swiftness.pngPotion of Swiftness II or        0046_harming.pngPotion of Harming II or            0024_potion_of_poison.pngPotion of Poison II                 0043_leaping.pngPotion of Leaping II 

Updates History

Version Updates History

- Now you can obtain Glowstone Dust upon Slime, Skeleton and Creeper death with probability of 5%.

- Now you can use Glowstone Dust as a brewing ingredient to brew different potions.


- Added Glowstone Dust, that can be obtained when you killed Zombies and Spiders with probability of 5%.

- Added crafting recipe for crafting Glowstone from Glowstone Dust.