Planet of Cubes Wiki

Main Menu

Firtst screen that meets player after game starts is main menu.

Description of Main Menu buttons below:

Main Menu

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1 PLAY Choose game mode: Survival or Creative
2 OPTIONS Edit profile information, graphics and audio parameters, rent chunks, set texture packs.
3 HELP Useful illustrated tips for beginners.
4 RATE Rate Planet of Cubes on market page.
5 SKIN  Change and buy skins and Skin Packs.
6 MORE GAMES Other Solverlabs games.


Connect your Facebook account to get bonus coins and share your game progress.
8 MORE INFO More info about Planet of Cubes: links to Youtube channel, Facebook, Twitter, Everyplay, Wiki pages and bug report form.
9 SHOP          Buy coins, skins and Survival Mode items.
10 INVITE FRIENDS Invite you Facebook friends to play with you.
11 LANGUAGE Select preferred language from available.

Play Menu

To start playing press PLAY then choose game mode.

Play Menu

Creative Multiplayer Mode

After choosing Creative Multiplayer Mode the World Map appears on the screen.

Choose any place you want to start playing in by pressing on it or set coordinates in top field.

World Map

Survival Multiplayer Mode

After choosing Survival Multiplayer Mode player will be immediately spawned at one of spawnzones.

You can now leave Spawn Zone and start surviving.

Portals on Spawn Zone