Iron Golem

Iron golem

Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Health Points 100 (2hp x 50)
Attack Strength 4 2hp2hp - 112hp2hp2hp2hp2hp1hp

0232 0039 iron ingot Iron Ingot (3-5)

0229 0040 Poppy Poppy (0-2)


Iron Golems are large and strong peaceful mobs that can be spawn by a player. It's powerful mob that defends his master.


Iron Golems Behavior

Golems will automatically attack hostile mobs, that come to close to a player, or players that attacked him. To build golem players use 3 Block of Iron and Pumpkin.

Golem has two type of behaviour: patroling, and following his master. Change of orders can be done by clicking on the golem.

Golems will teleport his master except cases when they will hurt after teleportation.

Golems Building recept

To build Golem uses: 4 Block of Iron placed with a T shape, and 1 Pumpkin block on top.

Golem build recipe

Updates History

Version Updates History
v4.1 - Added golems