Ocelot Wild and tamed ocelots Ocelot junior Small ocelots

Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Health Points 10 (2hp2hp2hp2hp2hp)


Breeding and taming

Pufferfish Pufferfish

Clownfish Clownfish

Fish Raw Fish

Salmon Raw Salmon


Ocelot is a neutral mob that can be tamed.

Ocelots can be tamed by any kind of fishes, except cooked types ones.

Wild ocelots


Ocelots can be spawn anywhere with low possibility. Wild ocelots escape from the players, if players approach them too close.

Ocelot does not receive damage from falling from a height.

Ocelot can be tamed by using raw fish on it. The probability of taming the ocelot is 30%. When ocelot is tamed it will change it's texture to ginger, black, or brown сat and sit. To order a cat to follow or sit, you need to tap on it without weapons or fish in a hand.

By feeding two already tamed ocelots, you can spawn a kitten.

Tamed ocelots and kitten

Updates History

Version Updates History

- Added ocelots that can be tamed