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Potion of Regeneration
Potion of regeneration.gif
Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Type of Items Potion

Status_icon_button_regeneration.pngRegeneration (0:45)

Status_icon_button_regeneration.pngRegeneration (0:20)

Status_icon_button_regeneration.pngRegeneration (1:30)

Durability NA
Luminosity No
Transparency No
Renewable Yes
Stackable No


Potion of Regeneration is a brewable item that cause regeneration effect.


Potion of Regeneration can be obtained by brewing process, starting with Awkward Potion and Ghast Tear as a base and fuel (Blaze Powder).

As a Brewing Recipe

Potion of regeneration br.png


Potions of Regeneration cause regeneration effects when you drink them. 

Regeneration effect will last for 0:45 seconds and will restore half heart every 2,5 seconds. In total it will restore 18 health points or full 9 hearts during 0:45 minutes.


Potion of Regeneration can be extended with Redstone Dust to Potion of Regeneration+, that cause regeneration effect for 1:30 minutes and during this time can restore 36 health points or 18 full hearts. 

Potion of Regeneration can be reverted to Potion of Regeneration II, that cause regeneration effect for 0:20 seconds and during this time restores 8 heath points or 4 full hearts.

Potion of Regeneration+ Brewing Process

Potion of regeneration .png

Potion of  Regeneration Reverted Brewing Process

Potion of regeneration II.png

Updates History

Version Updates History

- Added Potion of Regeneration that cause regeneration effect

- Potion of Regeneration can be extended, and reverted