Rabbit anim2

Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Health Points 3 (2hp2hp1hp)

Rabbit hide Rabbit Hide (0-1)

0019 raw rabbit Raw Rabbit (0-1)

0053 cooked rabbit Cooked Rabbit (0-1, when rabbit killed on fire)

Rare Drops

Rabbit Foot Rabbit Foot (10%)


0058 carrot Carrot

0057 carrot golden Golden Carrot
0222 0044 Dandelion


Rabbits are eatable passive mobs. They spawn in groups of two or three in Survival Multiplayer Mode only. There are three different models of rabbits in the game: grey, black and brown.



  • Usually after death Rabbits drop Rabbit Hide (0-1), Raw Rabbit (0-1) or nothing
  • When Rabbit killed on fire, it drops Cooked rabbit
  • With probability of 10% Rabbit can drop Rabbit's Foot


  • Rabbits hop around aimlessly instead of walking.
  • Rabbits can find and eat mature carrot crops. 
  • Rabbits can jump up to 1 block up

Feeding and Breeding

Rabbits can be fed with golden carrots, carrots, and dandelions. Hearts around them will appear, when they feed.  Rabbits can be bred by feeding any two rabbits with carrot, golden carrot, or dandelion. Baby rabbits mostly stay around their parents until they mature, although the parents cannot protect the babies from harm. It takes 20 minutes or more for baby rabbits to mature. After breeding, rabbits will not accept any more food for about 5 minutes.

Rabbit breeding

Updates History

Version Updates History

- Now you can feed and breed Rabbit with Carrot or Golden Carrot

- Rabbit will follow you when you hold Carrot or Golden Carrot in hands


- Added Rabbit (3 different texture models). 

- Rabbits drop Rabbit Hide (0-1), Raw Rabbit (0-1) or nothing. When Rabbit killed on fire, it drops Cooked rabbit, with probability of 10% Rabbit can drop Rabbit's Foot