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Redstone Dust
Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Type of Block Raw Materials
Obtaining Redstone Ore
Luminosity Yes
Transparency No
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No


Redstone Dust is a rare raw material, that can be obtained by mining Redstone Ore with special type of pickaxe

In the current game version you can't use Redstone Dust in any crafting recipe.



Ingredients Potions
Redstone_Dust.png Redstone Dust +                 0003_water.pngWater Bottle +                       0067_blaze_powder.png Blaze Powder

0003_water.pngMundane Potion

Redstone_Dust.png Redstone Dust +                       0017_regeneration.pngPotion of Regeneration or    0007_strength.pngPotion of Strength or            0005_swiftness.pngPotion of Swiftness or              0024_potion_of_poison.pngPotion of Poison or               0043_leaping.pngPotion of Leaping or             0048_fire_resistance.png Potion of Fire Resistance or 0044_invisibility.pngPotion of Invisibility or           0027_night_vision.pngPotion of Night Vision or        0012_slowness.pngPotion of Slowness or           0002_water_breathing.pngPotion of Water Breathing or  0001_weakness.pngPotion of Weakness or+            0067_blaze_powder.png Blaze Powder

0017_regeneration.pngPotion of Regeneration+ or    0007_strength.pngPotion of Strength+ or            0005_swiftness.pngPotion of Swiftness+ or             0024_potion_of_poison.pngPotion of Poison+ or               0043_leaping.pngPotion of Leaping+ or             0048_fire_resistance.png Potion of Fire Resistance+ or 0044_invisibility.pngPotion of Invisibility+ or           0027_night_vision.pngPotion of Night Vision+ or        0012_slowness.pngPotion of Slowness+ or           0002_water_breathing.pngPotion of Water Breathing+ or  0001_weakness.pngPotion of Weakness+        

Updates History

Version Updates History
v3.2 - Now you can use Redstone Dust as a brewing ingredient to brew different potions.
v3.1 - Now you can mine Redstone Ore with Iron or Diamond Pickaxes to obtain Redstone Dust.