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White, Light Gray, Gray, Pink, Brown, Black

Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Health Points 8 (2hp.png2hp.png2hp.png2hp.png)

0020_Raw_Mutton.png Raw Mutton (1-2)

Cooked_Mutton.png Cooked Mutton (1-2, when killed by fire)

0121_0113_wool_0.png Wool (1-3)


0295_0005_wheat.png Wheat


Sheep is a passive mob, that drop Wool and Raw Mutton

Sheep spawn on the world's surface, that wander around, and occasionally "eat" Dirt with Grass blocks (turning it into Dirt).

There are 6 kind of sheep with different textures/colors: White, Light Gray and Gray, Black, Brown, Pink. Killing sheep with certain color of wool will give certain wool: white, light grey or grey.

You can meat White Sheep with probability of 81,83%, Light Gray - 5%, Gray - 5%, Black - 5%, Brown - 3%, Pink - 0,16%.

Shearing Sheep

Wool is easiest to obtain from sheep, as it can be tedious to craft wool using four String which is obtained by killing a spider .

Wool can be obtained from sheep by using Shears on the sheep or killing the sheep. Shearing a sheep will produce 1-3 wool. If you attack a sheep until it is down to 1 health, then hit it with shears, it is possible to shear the sheep as it dies, and produce more wool than usual. Sheep will drop one wool when killed.

Sheep shearing (2).png


  • 1 Wool, when killed, and 1-3 wool, when sheared
  • 1-2 Raw Mutton, when killed. 
  • 1-2 Cooked Mutton, when killed by fire.


  • Sheep appear randomly in World, often spawning in flocks of 2–8.
  • Sheep wander around aimlessly.
  • Sheep can eat grass, turning it into dirt.
  • Wool can be obtained from sheep by using Shears on the sheep or killing the sheep.

​Feeding and Breeding

Sheep can be feed with wheat . Hearts around them will appear, when they feed. Sheep can be bred by feeding any two adult sheep with wheat. After breeding, sheep will not accept any more food for about 5 minutes.

Sheep breeding.png

Updates History

Version Updates History

- Now sheep will follow you, when you hold wheat in hands

- Now you can feed and breed Sheep with Wheat


- Added Sheep with 6 color of wool: White, Gray and Light Gray, Black, Brown, Pink.

- Added sheep shearing.

- Sheep drop 1 Wool, when killed, and 1-3 wool, when sheared. Also Sheep drop 1-2 Raw Mutton, when killed and 1-2 Cooked Mutton, when killed by fire.