Shop is a marketplace that allows players to buy Skins, Skin Packs and Survival Mode items (in future updates).

Ingame currency (Coins) can be bought here for real money.

Interface Overview

This is Shop default page.


Shop default page

In current version of game it allows players to buy Skins and Skin Packs.

All available Skin Packs are located on this page.

If player already have one or more Skins form Skin Pack it will be marked with number under Skin Pack name (1/24 on screenshot)

If player have full Skin Pack it will be marked with a check mark symbol.

Detailed information about Skins purchasing in Skin Menu article.

Coins Purchase

Coins can be purchased by clicking green plus button in the right top corner of the Shop.


Coins purchase

Choose amount of Coins you want to buy and click it to proceed to purchase.