Planet of Cubes Wiki
Game Modes Survival and Creative
Type of Block Natural Block
Tool used

0301 0002 wood pickaxe.png Wooden Pickaxe (1.15s)

0283 0011 stone pickaxe.png Stone Pickaxe (0.60s)

0236 0037 iron pickaxe.png Iron Pickaxe (0.40s)

0215 0047 gold pickaxe.png Gold Pickaxe (0.20s)

0192 0059 diamond pickaxe.png Diamond Pickaxe (0.30s)

Luminosity No
Transparency No
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes
Flammable No
Drops 0079 0155 cobble.pngCobblestone


Stone is a common block mostly located underneath Dirt with Grass and Dirt.

Stone can be destructed with any tool, weapon or with bare hands but it drops Cobblestone only destroyed by Wooden Pickaxe or better.


Cobblestone can be turned into Stone again after smelting in the Furnace .

1 Cobblestone → 1 Stone

Smelting Cobblestone into Stone

As a Crafting Ingredient

You can craft Stone Slabs and Stone Bricks using Stone in the Workbench .

Ingredients Result
3 0114_0120_stone.pngStone 6 0245_0032_stone_slab.pngStone Slabs
4 0114_0120_stone.pngStone 4 Sc_0009_stone-brick.pngStone Bricks

Updates History

Version Updates History

- Added Stone to Survival Mode.

- Mine Stone with Pickaxe to obtain Cobblestone. Smelt Cobblestone in the Furnace to obtain Stone again.

- Added Crafting Recipes to obtain Stone Slabs and Stone Bricks from stone in the Workbench.