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Survival Mode


Survival Mode is mode in which players will try to survive in mob battles, collect

resources and build their shelters. Live the life you've always dreamed of in survival multiplayer! - click this link to watch a fun Survival series that takes place in Planet of Cubes! Conditions in this mode is close to reality: Survival have agressive and passive mobs,

resources are not infinite.

Players starts game without any items and must to survive and collect resources to

make himself more adopted to the extreme situations .

Flying Mode is disabled in this mode.

How to start playing

To start playing Survival Mode proceed:

Main Menu → Play → Survival

After choosing Survival Mode player will be immediately spawned at one of spawnzones. Spawnzones are enemy free

and battles is disabled here.

You can now leave spawnzone and start surviving.

Gameplay Overwiev


Here is description of interface elements for Survival Mode.

Creative Mode have several unique elements, read about it in the corresponding article 

Survival Mode interface

1 CHAT Allows to type chat messages and select message color.
2 CHAT OPTIONS Enabling/disabling chat in game.
3 COMPASS Shows North direction. Can be used as landmark for travelers.
4 COORDINATES Shows current player's coordinates.

Buy coins, skins and Survival Mode items (in future updates).

6 GAME MENU Gives access to Options and respawn button.
7 SHARE SCREENSHOT/VIDEO Share screenshots on Facebook or video on Everyplay.
8 SCREENSHOT/VIDEO Switch between screenshots and video recording mode.
 9 MOVEPAD Character control pad allows player to move and jump.
10 HEALTH BAR Current amount of player's health.
11 HOT SLOTS PANEL 6 slots for most needed items.
12 INVENTORY Player's inventory with all collected resources.
13 SNEAK MODE If enabled player cannot fall off the current height edge.
14 JUMP Allows player to jump.

Tips for beginners

-  Night is dangerous! Build a simple shelter to survive it. Full First night survival guide will be added soon.

- You don't need tools to chop trees. Collect some Wood to craft beginners wooden tools.