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Game Modes Survival and Creative
Type of Block Liquids
Luminosity No
Transparency Partial
Renewable No
Stackable no
Flammable No


Water is a fluid. In Creative, water is represented as a liquid block.

Water plan.png

Water spreads over the surface of blocks. Players and items caught by the stream will be carried by the flow.

Water-rich swampy places give a potential of slimes to spawn. Lily pads are known to grow in a swamplands water.

Mobs and players who are under water for a long time can drown.

In snowy biomes water can freeze into ice.


Water cannot be obtained as a block, but can be collected with an Empty Bucket used on water source.

A bucket filled with water can be used on any block. Water will place on this block and spread around. This action will empty the bucket.

Removing the water source will entail disappearance of all water spread from this source.


Water collected with Empty Bucket can be used to create a water source.

Water can be used to break grass, but also obtain vegetables and wheat from a farmland quickly. Blocks of grass and plants are destroyed when in contact with water.

Through the flow, water can be used to create traps.

Water behavior

Water source placed on a horizontal space will spreads on a 7 blocks distance in all directions.

Water spreading on horizontal space.

If there is deepening in 7 blocks radius Water will head this way ignoring other directions.

Water heading the deepening.

Flowing block will become lava source if it placed on solid or other source block and borders at least 2 other sources blocks. Flowing can search for drains on 5 blocks distance. Lava will choose nearest drain if there are more than 1.

Flowing Water found drain.

Water can turns the corner in searching for drains or even multiple corners if its in 3 blocks radius.

Water turns a corner to reach the drain.

Lava and Water

You can obtain an Obsidian and Cobblestone if you put Lava on Water together.

As a Crafting Recipe

Water can be obtained using a Bucket crafted on a Workbench.

3 0091 0143 iron block.pngBlock of Iron → 1 0059 bucket.png Empty Bucket

Crafting Empty Bucket

Updates History

Version Updates History

- Player and mobs can drown underwater


- Added Flowing Water that can be obtained by using Empty Bucket on water source or cauldron.

- You can obtain an Obsidian, if you put Lava on Water. And Cobblestone, if you put Water on Lava.