Wolf junior

Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Health Points

8 (2hp2hp2hp2hp) Wild

20 (2hp2hp2hp2hp2hp2hp2hp2hp2hp2hp) Tamed

Drops None

0066 bone Bone


0172 0069 cooked chicken Raw chicken

0263 0022 raw beef Raw beef

0019 raw rabbit Raw rabbit

0267 0020 raw porkchop Raw porkchop

0172 0069 cooked chicken Cooked chicken

0275 0015 steak Steak

0053 cooked rabbit Cooked rabbit

0174 0068 cooked porkchop Cocked porkchop


Wolf is neutral mob that can be tamed.



Wolves can spawn everywhere with low probability in a group of 4 wolves. Wolves are neutral to players, but if you attack the wolf, it will become aggressive and will attack the player in return. Tamed wolves protect the player. To tame the wolves, bone is used. The probability of taming is 30%. After taming, the wolf will get a collar and sit.

To give the order to sit or to follow, you need to tap on wolf without weapons or meat in your hands.

Wolves fights zombie

Feeding and Breeding

Breeding of wolves is carried out by feeding two tamed wolves by any kind of meat.

Tamed wolves and a puppy

Updates History

Version Updates History

- Added wolves that can be tamed